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About Game

Welcome to the chaotic world

Plebby Quest: The Crusades is a turn-based strategy game set during the crusades of Europe and the Middle East. You must survive between ambitious rulers dreaming of building an empire, treacherous neighbours that long to burn your kingdom, and the religion which always makes unreasonable demands. Survive and build your kingdom’s legacy to last centuries

Hard, Yet Tender

After drawing hard and straight outlines, we drew unique faces for our characters. Then we had them stand in front of solid color tone backgrounds and brought them to life with our in-house software. Behold! They laugh, rage, and tells us their stories with their chewy and tender movements.

Two Game Modes

In Scenario mode you will follow a character’s story, while in Sandbox mode you can conquer the world without any restriction. Each mode is connected and will affect the other. Good choices and decisions from past games will lead your future plays to success.

Friend or Enemy?

Neighbouring kingdoms remembers your behaviour and will react to it. Critical mistakes bring dissent and lead to war. If you react according to a character’s personality, they will open their mind.


In the 11th century, persons without faith were either barbarians beyond the borders, or heretics that were burned at stake. Every kingdom is under the influence of a religion, and will demand your kingdom prove their faith

Conspiracy & Backroom Deals

Every June, a meeting is held during which believers of each faith gather to condemn and denounce the others. Kingdoms will condemn one another, while religious leaders will stop a war or demand a crusade. You must do anything possible to turn the participants’ opinion to your liking, including bribes, threats, and all kinds of dirty tricks. All will be forgiven in the name of God.

Easy Choices and Terrible Costs

There are many choices before you start a war. However, once a war begins, everything will come down to either one of two choices: Will you burn them? Or will you be burnt?

DLC The Promised Land

Assassin Cruise

Phillip II is an ambitious man that wants to conquer all of France. However, by the older lords of the family, he was only treated as just a brat. But just when he was about to give in to his reality, a stranger from the far Middle East makes a special proposal...

Assassin’s Guild

Phillip has become the leader of the Assassin’s Guild. He decides to use his team of assassins to achieve his dream of unification. Use the Assassin’s Guild to work in the dark and wreak havoc!

Friendship or greed

Henry II of the Kingdom of England and Richard of the Duchy of Normandy... A war between father and son begins and a civil war spreads within the family. Philip wants to help his long-time friend Richard, but at the same time thinks of this as his only chance to fulfill his dream of unifying the French region as Richard’s rule is weakened. Is he to choose friendship over his ambition? The complex relation between the two only deepen...

Kingdom of Janna

The Franks have run out of stamina due to continued power disputes. Nevertheless, they are still a threat to Muslims. As the Ayyubid Dynasty had complete rule of Egypt, the Muslims started to pay attention to Saladin to regain their Holy Land. With his call, Saladin finally made a big decision…


Saladin wants to recapture Jerusalem, a holy place that was ruined by the crusades, and once again make it a holy place where believers of all religions can mingle. Let the ruined holy land shine once again!

The Enemies Inside

Not all of Saladin’s brothers supported his decision. Even with Saladin opposing outsiders and recapturing the Holy Land on their behalf, his brothers’ envy and jealousy toward him only grows with time.

The Enemies Outside

Although the Holy Land of Jerusalem was taken away from them, the Crusader nations, which still possessed great power, are once again setting their eyes on the Holy Land. There is also news that Crusades will come with the aim of retaking the holy land from Europe. Will Saladin be able to stop his foes and complete his restoration of the Holy Land?